5KW 21KWH Daily Output Off Grid Home Solar Power System Kits

A 5kW home solar system sized properly to meet your daily power needs, the daily power generation is 21-27kWh(.sufficient 5 hours sunlight)

Suitable for loading:

3P air conditioners, lighting device, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, TVs, fans, computers, motors below 1500W.

Note: starting power at the same time not more than 5KW

Product Details:

Item Model Description Quantity
1 Solar Panel Mono 450W solar panel 12PCS
2 Solar Inverter Low frequency Inverter 5KW 1PC
3 PWM Controller 96V 60A 1PC
4 Solar Gel Battery 12V 150AH 16PCS
5 Photovoltaic junction box 96V60A 1PC
6 Battery cabinet Customized 1PC
7 Photovoltaic cable PV cable and connector 1 Set
8 Solar Mounting Bracket Corrosion resistant hot dip galvanized bracket 1 set

12pcs 450W Mono Crystalline Solar Panel

Rated voltage: 42V

Rated current: 10.71A

Size: 2094*1038*35mm,

Net Weight: 25 KGS

1PCS 5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Rated power: 5000W

Input voltage: DC96V

Output voltage: AC220V

Waveform: pure sine wave

Size: 615*282*200mm

Net weight: 28.5KG

1PCS 48V 60A PWM Solar Controller

Working voltage: 96V

Working current: 60A

Charging mode: PWM

Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display type: outdoor control box

16PCS 12v 150ah Solar Gel Battery

Type: deep cycle maintenance-free lead-acid battery

Capacity: 12V150AH

Size: 484*170*240mm

Net weight: 42KG

1PCS Photovoltaic Junction Box

1PCS Battery Cabinet

1 set Photovoltaic cable

1 set Solar mounting brackets

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