Smart LOT Solar Street Light Solution

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Core technical advantages

Intelligent street light controller

The coverage is based on Lora and nb-iot, two mainstream communication technologies.
Underlying core technology “lora light”.
The application platform “City IO Light” MQTT protocol supports large concurrent data communication.

Introduction of computer platform and mobile APP

Computer terminal platform for remote control of equipment, statistical analysis, operation and maintenance management, user management and various system Settings.

The mobile APP can input and replace the smart controller of Streetlight, switch and dimming, view maps, view and process the details of equipment and alarm work orders.

App main interface

Core advantages of the platform

Cooperation with operators

Street light are connected by optical fiber to realize wireless network distribution

Realize the connection with the background of unicom Internet of things, and provide network services directly to users using unicom network; System directly activate traffic card, query status, etc.

Perfectly support nb-iot network

The uplink communication of the centralized controller adopts GPRS/3G/4G communication module. By inserting the SIM card of the mobile phone, the monitoring center can use the communication platform established by the operator to conduct data interaction with it, so that it can be seamlessly connected to the 3G/4G network in the future.

The central controller can communicate with other extension devices through built-in RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.

System topology diagram

Intelligent Streetlight system is a set of intelligent Streetlight control system based on low-power wireless Internet of things system. Unified management, remote sensing, remote control, intelligent control, real-time monitoring, operation and maintenance management of Streetlight; The system adopts modular architecture and has strong expansion capacity. The system includes front-end node Streetlight controller, gateway controller, cloud platform and mobile terminal APP.

MPPT Controller


1. With real MPPT function, it is suitable for monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon or amorphous silicon panels with different number of series, which can significantly improve the energy utilization of solar panels.
2. MPPT solar charging technology, maximum solar panel open circuit Voc≤60V, maximum solar panel power Pm≤260W.
3. Load boost constant current output, direct maximum drive 18 series lamp beads, maximum load power PLed≤120W.
4. The improved charging algorithm supports the use of 12V and 24V lead-acid battery and lithium battery. Users can set the working mode of lead-acid battery or lithium battery by themselves.
5. Light dimming and morning light design for load period 3, working time 0 ~15 hours, power 0 ~100%.
6. System status record, which can record the system status for up to 7 days to conduct comprehensive monitoring of the system.
7. Data communication adopts multiple two-way handshake protocol and data compression algorithm, making data transmission accurate and fast.
8. Intelligent power mode, which can automatically adjust the load power according to the battery quantity, and maximize the working time of the battery.
9. True constant-current control rather than current limiting control ensures smooth and stable output current, thus reducing LED light decay and extending LED service life.
10. Infrared remote control: setting parameters, reading state and viewing historical data.
11. Metal shell, IP68 waterproof grade, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions.
12. Overheat protection function, over a certain temperature will reduce or turn off the load.
13. Battery reverse connection protection, LED short circuit protection, open circuit protection, so that the system is fully protected.

Functions of the-u series

1. With Internet wireless communication function, remote monitoring and real-time monitoring of street lamps can be carried out through solar street lamp intelligent management system.
2. Support remote switching on and off lights/dimming and modification of battery and load parameters.
3. Real-time monitoring of solar panel voltage, current, power, battery charging and discharging current, voltage, load working state, controller working state and other data as well as automatic fault alarm.

Wiring diagram

Street smart controller-gateway

1. WE – GW – 10 series gateway is industrial-grade full-duplex data communication gateway based on a high performance, low power consumption, wan LoRaWAN protocol.

2. Outdoor waterproof casing and wide voltage input  is the key to the construction of low power consumption wan equipment to provide two-way wireless communication services for all kinds of equipment.

3. It supports LoRaWAN, 2G/3G/4G wireless communications and correlates support Ethernet cable.

4. It can meet the requirements of high communication distance, low power consumption, many access points and other characteristic terminal devices.

5. It is an industrial-grade communication equipment that can work stably under harsh environment, and it is an ideal gateway for intelligent lighting, intelligent city, intelligent community, intelligent bus platform and other fields.

6. The we-gw-10 supports MQTT Bridge functionality that can be integrated into third-party platforms through MQTT. It can support frequency band cn470-510, US915, AU915, AS923, KR920, IN865.

Functional features

12V~36V wide voltage DC input
Follow the LoRaWAN wireless transmission protocol, support transceiver separation of full duplex LoRa communication
Support 2G/3G/4G and LAN network access
Adaptive data transfer rate
Output power is up to 23dBm
Sensitivity decreased to -142.5dBm
Supports 8 ways of concurrency and can access up to 2000 nodes
Maximum transmission distance: 15Km (line-of-sight), 2Km (city distance)
Support CN470MHz US915MHz/EU868MHz etc. Various operating frequency
Effective grounding protection against lightning

Communication parameters

Operating frequency: CN470MHz/US915MHz/EU868MHz
Channels: 8 125KHz, rate adaptive, support spread spectrum factor sf7-sf12
Transmitting power: <23dBm
Receiving sensitivity: >-142.5dBm
Transmission distance: city: 2Km visual distance: 15Km
Access mode: LAN, 2G/3G/4G
Data protocol: UDP/TCP/MQTT
LoRa antenna form: t-nc mother-head interface
4G antenna form: t-nc female head interface

Hardware parameter

Supply voltage: 12V~36V 12V/1A is recommended
Power consumption: < 1 w
Operating temperature: -40~80℃
Network/power interface: RJ45+DC
Waterproof grade: IP66

Operation and maintenance advantages


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