Solar Mounting Brackets For Solar Energy System

Features: Less installation parts, most is preset in the factory, no cutting or drilling, welding on-site,  which greatly reduces your on-site installation time. Solar panel installation is flexible, both horizontal and vertical rows are workable. The whole system adopts aluminum alloy, stainless steel fittings, hot-dip galvanized steel, and anti-corrosion and anti-rust is good for outdoor. […]

Photovoltaic Cable For Solar Energy System

Features: The interface of cable has been pre-processed for whole system, only requires fool-type plugging and screwing, without any other tools. The RV terminal is tin-immersed to prevent it from falling off, which improving the conductivity and reducing wire loss. Special photovoltaic adapter, IP67. Special photovoltaic cables, after special irradiation treatment, can be used outdoors […]

Battery Cabinet For Solar Energy System

Features: The battery cabinet is made of high-quality cold-steel tying plates, with good mechanical properties, large carrying capacity, compact and reasonable structure, and strong interchangeability. Beautiful appearance, fully open structure, convenient and flexible installation and maintenance. The appearance is sprayed with plastic, soft light, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion. Good fire resistance, insulation, and durability, which improves the […]

Photovoltaic Junction Box For Solar Energy System

Features:  Outdoor waterproof design. Reduce the cable lines between the photovoltaic module and the inverter, easy maintenance, reduce costs, and improve safety and reliability. The single-channel photovoltaic array with high-voltage fuse protection, counterattack protection. Anti-reverse current protection. prevent the battery will flow back to the solar panel to protect the solar panel from damage when […]

Solar Gel Battery For Solar Energy System

Features: Gel operation condition, the sealing reaction efficiency is 99.9%. Small self-discharging: it can be stored with battery power for up to two years (20℃) , and the storage time is 4 times than ordinary batteries, and it can be put into operation immediately without recharge. Low water loss rate: The water loss rate is […]

Remote Controller Instruction Manual

Each solar street light with a remote controller, how to operate it? Below is the instruction manual. Demo: Demo function key under test mode, select the programmed maximum current to the minimum current, finish it within 10 seconds. OFF:  On/ Off. L Key: light control mode only, no human body detection. T Key(time control + […]

Solar Street Light Indicator Operating Mode

When you got our solar street light in hands, there are three indicator on the sensor, how does the light work? what does it mean when different indicator color when turn off or turn on? Today let’s talk about it. Operating Mode: 1, When shutting down, three LEDs are flashing at the same time, then […]

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