Solar Gel Battery For Solar Energy System

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Gel operation condition, the sealing reaction efficiency is 99.9%.

Small self-discharging: it can be stored with battery power for up to two years (20℃) , and the storage time is 4 times than ordinary batteries, and it can be put into operation immediately without recharge.

Low water loss rate: The water loss rate is only half of ordinary batteries, which effectively alleviates the early drying up of the electrolyte.

Ultra-long service life: The design life is more than 12 years, which saves costs.

Excellent performance of deep discharge cycle: especially used for cyclic use, 100% deep discharge cycle, lifespan is more than 500 times, much higher than ordinary batteries, effectively improving system reliability.

Excellent recovery performance after over-discharge: it can be recovered well after over-discharge zero voltage, the battery capacity can recovery 100% after 1CA discharge 21 days.

Wide environment application: It can be worked in the temperature range of -40℃~60℃.

Typemaintenance-free gel battery
Working temp-15℃+40℃

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