Completely Off-Grid Solar Energy System FAQ

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Q:  How much power solar energy systems can you provide?

A: 10-60KW for home solar energy system, more higher wattage for commercial and industrial solar power system.

Q: Can you offer On Grid and Off Grid solar power systems?

A: Yes, we supply not only On Grid solar power systems but also Off Grid solar power systems, also provide Hybrid solar power systems.

Q: Are your inverters pure sine wave output?

A: Yes, All of them are true pure sine wave.

Q: What kind of output you can do?

A: Normally our inverter with 110V 115V 120V 220V 230V 240V, 50/60Hz self-adaption. If any special requirements, please tell us for customization.

Q: What’ s the difference between low frequency and high frequency inverter?

A: Low frequency inverter has various protections, strong ability to adapt to the environment, more reliable, with voltage regulation.

Q: What’s the difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter?

A: Pure sine wave output inverter is just as good as the Public power grid. Even better. Low repaired rate, long lifespan, no pollution, environmental-friendly and appliances protected.
Modified sine wave output has a negative impact on appliances and can’t load inductive load, such as air condition, refrigerator and etc. Certain motor control circuits don’t like the modified wave.

Q: What appliances your inverters can load?

A: Our inverter can be used in household, Office, agricultural appliances and other inductive load such as refrigerator, air conditioner, water pump, etc.

Q: Do I Need A Power Inverter?

A: Actually, no. This is the only component of a solar energy system that is not absolutely required. However, if you don’t use one, you will not have 220 or 230 volts AC and will have use battery power alone. This might be acceptable in a small RV or cabin, but most people want to use normal AC appliances.

Q: What’s The Difference Between 12, 24, And 48 Volt Inverters?

A: This refers to the input voltage from the battery bank. The main consideration is that at higher voltages the current is less so that you can use smaller wires between your solar panel array and your battery bank. Of course, when you decide on a system voltage, the Solar Panels, Inverter, and Battery Bank all need to use the same voltage.


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