How to choose a good and reliable solar street light?

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There are a number of manufacture in the solar LED street light market. When we make decision to buy it , we should know some details about it. Solar street lights are made of solar panels, control unit (MPPT controller), PIR module, Battery, LED module.


Solar Panel


1, Multi-grid design, can effectively reduce the risks caused by hidden cracks and broken grids.
2, Adopt dust-resistant and easy-to-clean coated glass, with high power generation efficiency.
3, New generation monocrystalline, through reducing resistance loss to achieve high power out.
4, Half-cell structure components, outdoor operating temperature and hot spot temperature is low, the loss is smaller under the shadow.
5, Large-size battery design improves the performance of photovoltaic modules by an average of 7% and reduces the cost of electricity.
6, The components have good performance under extreme (temperature, load, impact) conditions,
7, Good low-light performance verified by authoritative third-party testing (morning, evening, cloudy)
8, Positive output power tolerance, to ensure that customers can obtain higher output power than the conventional warranty.
9, Perform 100% EL test before and after lamination, and 100% EL test on the finished product to provide higher quality assurance.

MPPT Controller


Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency >99%

Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency

Up to 96%, discharge conversion efficiency up to 95.5%.

Automatic power balance 365 mode, 365 days can be lit.

Human infrared induction.

5 stages time and dimming can be programmable, dimming 0-100%.

Can read parameters and running status

If battery voltage is low, it can be set to dimming automatically

Day/Night threshold can adjust automatically

Low temperature charging protection

When BMS power off because of LVD, it can activate the system automatically

IP67 water proof

Full automatic electronic protect function

PIR Sensor


As soon as the integrated dusk sensor registers that it is getting dark, the luminaire turns on automatically, and shines with 10% of the maximal output. It shines under the control of the chosen operation mode.

When the proximity sensor registers a walker or a cyclist, it immediately changes to 100% or 60% of maximum luminosity. When a walker or a biker leave the range of the sensor, the luminaire switches to lower power after some time.

Fixture turns on at night automatically and can be set to either stay at 100% light output or dim down if there is no motion(to extend battery life)
motion sensor and time control are programmable via remote


Lithium battery

Limit the charging and discharge conditions of the battery and extend its service life:

Anti-recharge control:
Anti-charging control:
Anti-discharge control;
Temperature compensation.

LED Module


A-CLASS LED: the advanced lighting technology brings a higher luminous intensity.
lower thermal resistance and a greater luminaire stability.
this in turn improves the longevity of the LED’s promising more long term system reliability.
Luminous Efficiency>200Lm/w.
Working time is 100000Hours.
Color temperature can be 3000K to 6000K.


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