What’s Your Working Mode For Solar Street Light?

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Q: What’s your working mode for solar street light?

A: Our solar street light normal wokring mode is:

1. 4 hours 100% brightness +8 hours 25% brightness to dawn.

2. 100% brightness when PIR activation (60% brightness for 5 hours + 20% brightness for 5 hours) +60% brightness when PIR activation (30% brightness for 2 hours to dawn).

3. 70% brightness +PIR100% brightness to dawn.

4. Time.. Turn off the lights after 6 hours of 100% brightness.

5. PIR 100% brightness (30% brightness in 4 hours + 20% brightness in 5 hours) + 15% brightness

We also accept customization according to your real situation.

PIR sensor adjust brightness on sensing motion(10m range)
On detecting any movement, the LED glows at full brightness. If no movement is detected for more than 30 seconds, the brightness is reduced to one-third, uses only 10% to 60% power.
This intelligent brightness control coupled with maintenance free Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer backup time and better battery life.

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